Colleen + Mary

As my year winds down, I finally have the opportunity reflect on the weddings I have been so graciously been asked to be part of. This November, Colleen and Mary held their wedding at The Liberty Warehouse on Red Hook’s waterfront. It was a day overflowing with love, energetic applause, and much revelry. To see more of my photographs from their wedding day, please visit H&H Weddings for their feature post!
Colleen and Mary Sneak Peeks-1

Colleen and Mary Sneak Peeks-5


Colleen and Mary Sneak Peeks-4


Colleen and Mary Sneak Peeks-8

Colleen and Mary Sneak Peeks-10

Colleen and Mary Sneak Peeks-11

Liberty Warehouse Wedding Photographer

Liberty Warehouse Wedding Photography

Liberty Warehouse Wedding Photographer

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